Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Last Currently

It's hard to believe, but it's May first already.  Once again I'm linking up with Farley to tell you what is currently up with my life.  I know you can't wait.

1. Listening - I've been listening to Prince almost non-stop since his death.  I have almost all of his albums, but haven't listened to him/them in quite awhile.  It's been good to remember the old days, but it's sad to see another legend taken so soon.

2. Loving - I am loving that my daughter who is 15, soon to be 16, still loves to be hugged and cuddled.  We have very few of the days where she screams and slams doors, and I want to quit being her mother, so I think the teen years are actually going pretty well so far.

3. Thinking - We have some of our best friends coming to visit at the end of the month (in 25 days, but who's counting).  They haven't been out here since 2002, so it's a very special occasion and we can't wait to get the families together and hang out for a few days.  I just know I have a lot to do beforehand to make sure we are presentable.

4. Wanting - It's May first and snowing in Colorado.  In fact we just had a snowstorm this past weekend that brought us ten inches of the cold, wet stuff.  We have had a snow storm almost every weekend in April, and I am so sick of snow, especially since it never comes during the week and cancels school.  I am so ready for Spring, warm weather, flowers blooming, sandals, shorts, and my lawn to be mowed.  Please Colorado, bring on Spring!

5. Needing - I'm really needing to tackle the to-do list (as a family) and get some projects done, before the friends come, before summer gets into full swing, and before we head off on our vacation. Maybe it would help if I actually wrote the list down instead of keeping it mentally.

6. Truth - I kind-of hinted at it in my title, but Farley is letting go of her Currently linky and so this will be the last one.  I am really bummed about it, although I understand.  I struggle so much with blogging and haven't yet found my voice, and so Farley's linky gave me something to write about each month.  I will always be grateful to her for the time she gave of herself.  It was fun while it lasted.