Saturday, April 2, 2016

It's April Currently

It's April and I'm joining up with Farley to tell you what's currently going on in my life.

As I sit here listening to nothing at all, I can't help but love the warm Spring weather we are having today, especially considering that it just snowed two days ago.  Spring is my favorite season.  I just love the rebirth and the spring rains, the tulips bursting out of the ground, and the days getting longer and warmer every day.

I was reminded this morning, via email, that I need to pay my quarterly taxes by the 18th of the month.  This is the first time that I've ever paid quarterly taxes, but I had to pay a penalty this past year for not paying them, so here I go.  Ugh!  I hate taxes.

My husband got us both on this vegetarian diet and I am trying to be supportive, but I think I've actually gained weight while on it.  I don't mind fruits and vegetables, but being iron anemic, I really miss my red meats.  Iron pills just aren't the same.

I've been working on an Ancient Mesopotamia Interactive Notebook.  I'm up to the last section before I write the review guides and test, and all of a sudden I'm have writer's block.  It's driving me crazy.  I've tried to process it through with my hubby, but he wasn't the help that he usually is, so I'm trying to work on other projects as I wait for my inspiration to return.

My poor dog chews on his toes incessantly and he chewed on one until it was very swollen and the nail was all malformed.  So the vet tried antibiotics and a cone but that didn't help, so they decided that they had to amputate the toe, that it could be embedded with a foreign body or cancerous.  So this past Thursday my dog lost his toe and is now bandaged and in a cone for three weeks.  He's not supposed to jump or do stairs, and he has to be monitored when he goes outside to make sure he's keeping the bandage clean and dry.  Here's a picture of my little guy and his toe pre-surgery.