Sunday, November 29, 2015

Wishlists and Carts are at the Ready....Now Go!

I must confess, I've done zero shopping for Christmas this year.  Zero, zilch, nada, nothing.  That's pretty typical for me, however.  I don't like shopping early because then I have anxiety that minds will change or people will buy it for themselves in the meantime.  And I absolutely can't stand the craziness of Black Friday.  That scene is not for me.  So me, I'm waiting for Cyber Monday.  I love being able to click my way peacefully through a computer and have my deliveries show up at my door.
This Cyber Monday I have an extra sale to shop as TpT is having a sitewide sale.  I'm so excited!!!  My wishlist has been getting lengthy, and I can't wait to move some of those items over into my cart and enjoy creating with them.  The top three items I have my heart set on buying are

Danielle Knight's Interactive Google Toolkit - so I can learn how to make my Interactive Notebooks truly Interactive on Google Drive.

Illumismart's Ancient Mesopotamia Clip Art set - so I can finish up my newest Interactive Notebook on Ancient Mesopotamia.

Glitter Meets Glue's Money Bank: Dollar & Cents - which I have a couple projects in consideration for.
 As for my store, here are what people seem to have their hearts set on

 I hope you'll check out my store - The Colorado Classroom - while you're shopping this Monday and Tuesday, and maybe check out Teaching in the Tongass.  She's our host for this link-up and she has a ton of adorable clip art.  We'll both have everything 28% off when you use the promo code "SMILE" at check-out.