Friday, October 2, 2015

Back at it...October

I'm listening to a wide range of musical choices today as I just have our whole music library, all 12,000 songs, set to random.  

I'm loving all my daughter's homecoming festivities, but it's not cool for her mom to be involved so I
have to talk about it here.  All week long I made sure she participated in the dress up days, but there's no way I could get my theater loving nerd to go to the football game tonight.  But that's okay, we have a busy day tomorrow with theater tech day and then the homecoming dance with pictures and dinner beforehand.  I already think she looks beautiful in her dress.

I am thinking that I feel so blessed with my wonderful family, my incredible job, and my amazing husband.  

I have been in product revamp mode all summer long.  From May to October I spent all my time rehashing some old resources and regrouping some old bundles.  I really need and I really want to get back into product creation mode now and part of me worries I may have lost my mojo in all that time.

This weekend is my daughter's tech weekend for the fall play and because it falls on Homecoming, we are going to assist her with her hours so she can leave early and get ready for the big night.  It's been far too many years since I worked on the tech side of theater back in my high school and I'm pretty sure I have forgotten everything there is to know about building sets, so I'm really needing my set building skills to come back to me in a hurry and these four plus hours to pass quickly so we can get home and prepare for the dance.

Since my husband just spoiled me with a trip up into the mountains on a whim to see the leaves changing, I think that's what I have to say is the most "boo-tiful" thing right now.  I love the gorgeous fall colors here in Colorado.  

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  1. My daughter had Homecoming last weekend! I barely got a few pics before I got the glare. Those Colorado colors are so pretty! My other daughter is actually in Denver this weekend for soccer. We are still in the lower 90's here in NM! I think fall will hit fast when it finally arrives.
    On the Go Teacher Mama

  2. Hi Brittany,

    Your daughter looks so cute in that dress! What a great color!
    I cannot even begin to tell you how jealous I am that you get to live in Colorado - it is my favorite state! But I've only visited in summer. I'll have to make it out in the fall; I'm sure the mountains are just gorgeous when the leaves change. I love the fall here in Chicago, but I'm sure it can't compare to Colorado :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. LOVE your daughter's dress! It's such a great color on her! I grew up in Colorado and my parents used to drag us up to see the Aspens every Fall for family pictures. Back then I hated it, now I can appreciate it. Colorado falls are awesome! Enjoy your busy weekend!
    Joya :)

  4. Wherever you find the product creation mode, let me know - I want to get there too! :) I love your daughter's homecoming dress!

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

  5. Colorado looks so beautiful - what a lovely trip to see all the leaves changing colour, the view just looks amazing! Your daughter looks fabulous in her dress - hope she has a great homecoming!

    Teaching Autism