Monday, September 7, 2015

Taylor Swift - Talking Truths

I saw something pretty incredible on Saturday night.  It was stunning.  It was beautiful.  It was fun, and crazy.  And it was awe-inspiring.

It was Taylor Swift in concert.

I've been to a Taylor show before.  This was actually my third.  The first time I went, I honestly had no idea who Taylor really was.  I simply went to chauffeur and chaperone my daughter.  By the second concert, I was a closet fan.  This time I was fully engaged - ogling at the souvenir tables, dancing in my seat, and singing lyrics at the top of my voice.  She has won me over.

Yet this time, she was different.  She was more human.  She was more vulnerable.  And she talked to the girls (& boys) in the audience about something she has never done before and it struck a chord with me.  She said, "You are not the opinion of someone else's choosing."  She spoke a lot about making mistakes and allowing those mistakes to make you stronger, not tear you down.  She talked about not beating ourselves up inside with words of self-doubt or self-hate.  

Yes, she may have a lot of songs about break ups and love stories gone wrong, but she also sings about being strong, not wallowing in that break up, not being all emo and falling into a pit of despair over a boy.  She teaches young girls that it's okay to lose at love, because self-love is better than any other love that is out there.  That you must get to know yourself and love who you are and who you were meant to be, that you can't let a man control your world.  And this concert, she actually told the young girls, like my daughter, that.  It was beautiful the way she talked to the audience and admitted her own doubts and self-realizations.  I only wish I had gotten my phone out sooner and captured more of this moment.  It was truly beautiful.

I know I have some friends and mothers who don't like Taylor Swift.  But if this young lady can come out on stage and wear the modest attire she wears, not shake her tongue, twerk her butt, flaunt "f" bombs and do what else is considered "hip" now a days, she has a vote from me.  If she can speak to my daughter about real world issues like self-love, self-doubt, confidence, and more and help bolster the messages I try to send then she has my admiration.  And if she can do it all while singing a catchy tune and dancing out a story, then that is one awesome female role model and I'm all for her having a piece of influence in my daughter's life.  In my honest opinion, we need more strong females, having more honest heartfelt discussions with our girls, just like this one.  I'm not one to turn that opportunity away.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It's Currently September

It's the beginning of September and that means it's time to check back in with Farley

and see what's currently happening, as well as complete my own "Currently" post.  I sure hope you'll check out her blog and get in on the fun.

Here's what's currently up with me...

Listening & Loving - I'm listening to my 80's playlist and loving the quietness in the house now that my daughter has gone back to school.  She was starting to get really restless those last couple weeks.

Thinking - Although it ruined our annual Labor Day camping plans, I am taking my daughter to see Taylor Swift this weekend and I am almost as excited as she is, although I'm not allowed to show it.  We've got floor tickets up close to the stage so it should be a great night.  I'm thinking brief blog post with pictures afterwards, so look for that early next week.

Wanting - We could use some more rain at our house.  Our sprinkler system is broken and our lawn is dying as I'm not willing to shell out the money to keep it watered like it needs to be for this arid desert climate.  We're starting to look like "that house" on the block and I hate it.  So rain would be nice, or an early, heavy winter - although I hate the cold and snow - would be good.

Needing - I NEED SLEEP!  Plain and simple, I need more sleep.  This getting up at 6 thing to get the family off to school and work is killing me.  I haven't gotten into the groove yet, and I have some anemia issues that make me more tired than normal, so sleep is highly desired about now.  Can't wait for the weekend so I can catch up on some Z's.

3 Goals - I've been working on a major revision of my math coloring pages so I can offer some interesting bundling options.  It's been about a month long project so far, so I need to get that completed so I can move on.  Secondly, I want to get out of the office once a week or so and volunteer or visit places, just to stretch my legs, see some new sites, get some new ideas, etc.  I start tomorrow by returning to my former school to help two of my former colleagues in their classrooms.  I'm nervous but hope it will be fun and helpful for them.  Finally, I am trying to break my addiction to Pepsi.  I've gotten it down to just one or two a day, which is a big improvement, but I need to get the willpower to finally end the addiction once and for all.    

So, that's what's up with me for now.  How are you handling the move into fall?