Friday, July 3, 2015

Making My Masterpiece - The TpT Seller Challenge Week 3

I'm back to the #tptsellerchallenge being put on by the wonderful Third in Hollywood, Sparkling in Second, Peppy Zesty Teacherista,  & Teach, Create, Motivate.  This week's challenge was to Make Your Masterpiece.

They actually gave us a week and half to make a product and exchange it with another seller for feedback before blogging about our experience and our results, and I am thankful for the extra time.

I actually finished up a product that has taken me awhile to put together.  Writing word problems was really stymying me, but in the end I think I was just overthinking the whole thing. After all was said and done, I finished up my Whole Number Operation Task Cards for grades 5-8.  This product features more than just task cards, however, as it includes 4 operation word posters, a worksheet for practicing operation words, and the 32 whole number operation task cards, which feature problems in the hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands.  It's become a habit for me to make sure my task card products include more than just task cards, and I like ensuring there's a little bonus in those products.  
Once finished, I traded products with Chloe Campbell (her store has the same name) and got to take a look at her Dividing Fractions Board Game.  I've never made a board game before, so it was neat to see what one looked like and what all went into one.  Chloe seems to make a lot of these games so if you're interested, please check out her store.

All in all I got some great feedback, made a couple worthwhile changes, increased my TpT circle by one, and learned some new things about board games.  I'd say it was a pretty cool experience.