Thursday, June 18, 2015

Making Over my Character Certificates

I, along with hundreds, if not thousands of others, joined the TPT Seller Challenge to raise our stores to the next level.  Over the coming four weeks we will be given different challenges to complete, and I am eager to see where it takes me and my store while I am on this journey.

This week's challenge was to makeover a product cover or an entire product itself.  I chose to go for the entire product and it has taken me most of the week to complete, but I also became obsessed and went a bit overboard, just to say the least.  The product I chose to makeover was my 75+ Character Certificates.  

You can see from my before images that my cover is attempting, but failing miserably, at being cutesy, and my title is small.  I also have another TpT author's logo on my cover because way back when I had no idea how to do credit pages and the only thing I used of hers were the kids on the cover so I put her logo on my cover ( so stupid...)  

The biggest problem with the product itself is that I tried to make it editable as a PDF which just didn't work for people as it was too hard to line up the text and too hard to match the fonts.  I had no idea how to use PowerPoint back then and had only used Publisher, so I changed it to be editable in Publisher, using Microsoft graphics, which wasn't very cool of me either.  It was just a big hot mess and needed to be updated.

So now I have a whole new design with real graphics and a real thank you and credits page, all completed in PowerPoint.  And now that I know how to use PowerPoint I have made it editable in PowerPoint.  I also added 22 more character traits to get the product up to an even 100 character awards.

What really got me into trouble with my re-design this week, however, is that once I got into it, I just kept going and I didn't just stop at gold.  I actually made 5 versions of the certificates and was going to bundle them all together as one gigantic certificate offer - 100 certificates in 5 fun versions.  Unfortunately, when I went to upload them to TpT though, I discovered my bundle was 500MB too large.  Not 5 MB too large - 500 MB too large.  I was so stupid to not even think about the monstrosity I was making.  So in the end I had to unbundle my certificates and offer them all as separate colors. 

My "Makeover Madness" of this week will benefit you however, as all versions of these certificates will be on sale for just $2.50 for the remainder of this week.  I hope you will pick up the color or colors you like best.


  1. I love it! Isn't it amazing how much easier everything is when you use Powerpoint!?!?! The new borders make a huge difference! Nice job!