Thursday, June 25, 2015

Daring to Dream - The TpT Seller Challenge Week 2

Thanks to the TpT Seller Challenge being hosted by Peppy Zesty Teacherista, Sparkling in Second, Teach, Create, Motivate, & Third in Hollywood, this week's topic is Dare to Dream.  In consideration of this topic I have chosen to dream about my life thanks to my store and about where I would like to see my store go as well.

Continue TpT Full Time - Thankfully, due to the most amazing husband in the world, last October/December I got the chance to stop teaching and work on TpT full time.  It has been life changing for me.  It has meant the end of almost daily migraine headaches. It has brought a sense of joy and creativity back into my life that had been missing for many years. And it has allowed me to be available for our daughter whenever she needs me.  I would hope that my store continues to do well enough that I can continue to work from home on TpT and reap the benefits it has brought to our family.

Become Debt Free - My husband and I were high school sweethearts.  I was engaged at the young age of 16, married at 20, and we had our first child when I was 22.  This summer we will celebrate our 23rd anniversary.  Although I wouldn't change my life for anything, we were very unprepared for all the responsibilities that married life and parenting required, and as such we racked up a lot of debt that we are still trying to pay off after having learned our lessons.  I would  love to finally have those debts off our shoulders once and for all.

Renovate the Backyard - One of our projects we've been slowly saving up for is to renovate the backyard.  It would be nice to be able to pay for that project next summer and finally have our backyard oasis we have always wanted.

Vacation - During my first twelve years of life my family always took two vacations every year - one every summer and one every holiday.  I loved traveling and have always loved road trips.  Unfortunately, in my family, we rarely get to vacation, and I would love to take my husband and kids on trips like when I was a child.  I would love to visit the national parks, go on a cruise, check off the rest of the 50 states I haven't been to, and see a couple amusement parks while we're at it.

Consistently be in the top 100 M.S. Sellers - I joined TpT in the spring of 2013, but didn't do much with my store until the summer of 2014.  Since then I have made it to the top 50 in my state and I sometimes make it on the top 100 middle school sellers list, but I am often towards the bottom of the list.  I would like to consistently be in the top 100 sellers, and preferably strongly in the top 100 sellers.

Reach my First TpT Milestone this Year - This one is a longshot, but it's not called Dare to Dream for nothing.  I would really like to have a strong Back to School season of selling and finish the fall well so that I can hopefully reach my first TpT milestone late this year.  It's going to take a lot of hard work and lot of prayers and luck, but I hope with my work over this summer, what I learn in Vegas, and my increasing presence on Pinterest I can gain the momentum I need to get there.

So there you go...there are my dreams.  I hope to push through, dare to really go there, and that I get to see at least some of them come to fruition.


  1. Such amazing dreams! I don't really know much about TpT, haven't done lots with my store, but posts like this one give me inspiration to know it's possible! I hope all your dreams come true! :-)
    BigTime Literacy

  2. Congratulations on being able to work on TPT full time! That in itself is a dream come true. I can relate with becoming debt free. We will finally be debt free at the end of the summer and TPT had a lot to do with that. Good luck with your 1st milestone! I'm sure you will reach it soon.
    Love Teaching Kids