Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Favorite Things...About Working from Home

It's a new month and the first of the month, so I am linking up with The Teaching Trio for their Favorite Things Linky.

My favorite things this month are all about how great it is to get to work from home.  My doctor ordered a break from my teaching job in October and in December I decided I was going to stay at home and make TpT my thing, and it has been heavenly.  So here are just three of my favorite things about getting to work at home.

I enjoy looking at my wall of inspiration and motivation, which is right above my computer, every time I have a lull in my creativity, doubt myself, or need a swift kick in the pants.  The pictures of my loved ones remind me of why I am working so hard and who I am trying to make happy.  While the motivational quotes and sayings sometimes give me that breath of new life I so desperately need.  I also have my own milestone board where I post my accomplishments, so I can see how far I have come and what I have achieved when that first TpT milestone seems SO FAR away.

Even though they drive my husband crazy, I love the companionship of our two dogs throughout the day.  Collin, the chihuahua, and Peyton, the bulldog, alert me to visitors, warm my toes in winter, give me someone(thing) to talk to when I'm going a bit stir crazy, provide comic relief, and so much more.  Plus they are just dang adorable.  Now don't ask me about the cats...I've discovered I'm not as much of a cat person as I thought I was.

Finally I just enjoy the ease and luxury of getting to do chores on my time, rather than squishing everything into the weekend.  Whether it's grocery shopping in the middle of the day or doing one load of laundry each day instead of all of it at once, it's simply heavenly to answer the question, "What's the plan for this weekend?" with "Nothing."  As so many teachers know too well, we used to spend our entire Saturday on chores and errands with little time left to relax or enjoy the weekend.  I just love being able to give that time back to my husband now and tell him we have no obligations, unless of course, I can convince him to tackle something on the "Honey-do" list. ;)

Of course that only covers just a small sliver of why I love working from home, I could fill a book.  However, you should head over to the Teaching Trio and tell us all about your three favorite things too. I can't wait to read it.


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  1. The best thing that happened to me is when I found a job at home and I started working from home.