Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Winning Team Yields a Winning Opportunity

I know my blog name is The Colorado Classroom, so I must be from or at least in Colorado, but what you might not know is that I lived in Wisconsin for ten years of my most formidable years.  So when the NCAA championship came down to Wisconsin versus Duke, you can bet I was going for the Badgers of Wisconsin.

Well as we all know now, Duke won - AGAIN.  And even though I'm bummed about the deal, the fact that we have a winner, yields you a winning opportunity.

The Tools for Teaching Teens group that I am a part of ran a tournament of products to coincide with the big dance and now that they have a winner, so do we.  And our big winner, our Duke bundle, is six products, absolutely free.

You'll get
Colorado Classroom's (that's me) Parent and Student Communication Bundle of Forms
History Gal's Printable Greek Gods
Technology Integration Depot's Ancient Rome Bingo
Middle School Math Moment's Decimal Division Color by Number
Leah Cleary's Fall of Rome
Math Giraffe's Triangle Classification

To go along with this, on Wednesday, April 8th, and Thursday, April 9th, all 6 of us are running a sale in our stores.  In my store you can get 20% off, even on bundles.

 Just click here to download the Duke bundle and go shopping, but hurry, because after the 9th, the Duke bundle will be gone for good.

Although, if you miss it, we will still have our March Mayhem of free products available for download.  Which you can always get here.

And lastly, be sure to visit the Tools for Teaching Teens Pinterest board for more ideas and resources on how to teach teens.

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