Monday, March 2, 2015

Currently in March

This is my first time trying to link up with Farley and try the "Currently" post so please excuse me if I seem a nube or  am doing something totally wrong or stupid.  Just kindly let me know in the comments and I will fix things or try to right the ship for next time.

Usually I have music playing, but today I've taken the quiet route and have just been listening to the hum of the house as I work.  But man, oh man, can that bulldog snore.

My daughter's school started the PARCC test today so I'm loving the fact that I quit in October and am not there for the stress, rules, training, and everything else that goes along with state mandated testing.

I just finished 3 different products I had going at once and am in a lull as I debate what to work on next.  I tend to waver back and forth between history and math, so I should do a math product next, but my husband likes the interactive notebooks I create, so I am in a quandary right now.

Most people tend to think of Colorado as this snowy place with lots of mountains and skiing, but where I live on the front range, we often have 50's and 60's in the middle of winter.  And when it snows, it usually melts in a day or two.  Well we've gone into a cold snap.  It started two weeks ago with a monster storm and it hasn't gotten above 20 since then.  It has snowed pretty much every other day and just been miserable.  I'm so not used to this and I don't do well in the cold, so I really need a return to the warmer weather or I am moving to Arizona.

I had shoulder surgery on groundhog's day and since then I have had to sleep in a recliner.  Suffice it to say, the recliner is getting a little old and I really miss my bed and my husband.  I need my shoulder to strengthen up so I can sleep in a bed without pain.

No big plans here for Spring Break.  I imagine my daughter and I will go to the zoo or to the indoor family arcade center or something like that to have fun.  And I know some Spring cleaning will be on the agenda, but besides that, we'll probably just hang out and watch movies, stay up late and play games - you know, good family times together.

Thanks for checking in with me.  Hope all is well with you and yours.  


  1. Snoring bulldog! You should have added a photo and sound-ha! I agree that warmer temperatures would be great.

  2. We have had some crazy weather this winter...not as bad as some places, but the suburbs of DC can't handle it! Especially not the drivers! I want the warmer temps too!

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