Thursday, March 19, 2015

Boo Yah! It's Basketball Time!

Today starts one on my absolutely favorite times of the year, the
NCAA Men's Final Four Tournament.  
I love college basketball in March!  But really, I only watch it in March.  I'm a huge sports aficionado, but for some reason I only follow college basketball in March.  The excitement of the tournament, the cinderella teams, the buzzer beaters, it just can't be beat.  Plus, it's great to drive my family crazy by hogging the television for three weeks straight because of course, they couldn't care less.

Here's my bracket for this year...

Well this year, in addition to the basketball tournament, some fellow sellers and I decided to have a product tournament as well.  For now, as the tournament is progressing, you can get a freebie from each of us in our March Mayhem Freebie Bundle.  That's where you'll find my Overall Average math product.

But we've also paired one of our products with each of the 64 teams, and as the winner is determined, we will each give a product away for free for two days.  It's a great opportunity to get some awesome products from 
History Gal, 
Math Giraffe, 
Leah Cleary, 
Ellie Nix, 
The Technology Integration Station, 
and myself - The Colorado Classroom.

Check it out and see what you could win, and then watch the tournament and root for your favorite team or product to take it all.

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